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I made this section because I want to freestyle(in text) a bit about me:
why did I chose 3D Art, how things evolved for me and my hopes.
I can’t remember the dates but I will try to approximate as good as I can.

Around the year 2007 started my first journey with no plans, I was active on my first forum and I wanted to get   myself noticed. For that to happen I analyzed the most actives areas and were was needed the most help, one of those areas was the CODING Area.
When I want to realize something, nothing can push me back so I started to spend more time on the coding articles and tutorials and at the same time successfully helping the guys that were posting threads.
After learning how to code a bit I began coding some wap sites with CSS and HTML. I became even more addicted to coding, spending more time and learning new things and after some months I started my first serious coding project with xHTML, CSS, PHP and SQL.
It was still an wap site project, I couldn’t even imagine doing anything else and I started coding different wap site platforms all day and all night long. In high school, on breaks I was coding from a phone, an Nokia 6680 with an explorer app.

Next year found me with a new laptop and Photoshop CS2 installed. I had to choose between learning Pascal and C++ and Photoshop. I will confess I chosen to start with Pascal and started coding some apps for Java phones. I still remember the app I made, it was named DrixSmSender, but luckily coding wap sites pushed me to snatch more information about colors and design and I started playing in Photoshop. I picked up PS real fast, it was a matter of a couple of weeks but I wasn’t familiar with the PEN TOOL. Long story short I started coding real websites and had some little private projects. I became familiar with Macromedia, started learning FLASH and I was happy with it..

Soon I jumped from simple websites to more complex that involved PHP and MySQL. Of course after that I couldn’t just stop here and I started to notice a different area of art, the 3D art. Doing 2D interfaces and designs was cool but 3D blew my mind at that moment.

Sorry to say, I left the forum I started a long time by now because I got noticed in my High-School and I was involved in so many projects that I just can’t remember all of them. Literally I would have to sleep on it a couple of days tryin’ to remember at least half of them. At this time I had to become familiar with some DTP for some brochures, posters and magazines. I started doing some video editing and some branding too. I had allot of fun in high-school, I wish I could turn back the time to re-experience everything.

Choosing the shortcut because of the long story, during the last year of high-school I got in contact with my first 3D software, it was Houdini by Sidefx, if I remember it was Houdini 8. This was my first 3D app learned. I started playing with fluids and particles, at this time I made a bad choice because Houdini is more concentrated on dynamics and simulations. I played with the polygons and this software has helped me to become familiar with node-based softwares that will help me in time. I experienced my first render engine, it was MANTRA and I did some private projects inside Houdini.

After I become more familiar with the 3D world I took a step back and took my time in learning as much of 3D softwares that I could like 3Ds Max, Maya, XSI, Mudbox, Zbrush and so on.
I did not stop here, I dived into some game engines like UDK, UNITY, SHIVA, CRYENGINE just for fun.
My main 3D package is Maya now.
So that’s that, a bit on the long side, my story, I decided to stop sharing information about my learning process or I would need another page at least, but traveling from the past to present day, 2011 august that is, I decided to make my own folio because allot of guys requested me that and I want to apply to some jobs and I decided I will do this website.
My main problem is time and money at this moment, so I had so little short time to work on the site.
Another reason for starting the site was my need of a motivation to work, it’s very hard to motivate yourself to work without getting paid and alone. I’m hoping this site will motivate me to work more and more and more.
Thank you for taking the time to read and visit my site, hope you have some fun, more features will be added soon and don’t forget to check my Social Networks section for some links.
Just look around, hand around, comment, do whatever!
PS: Please excuse my humble english grammar. English is not my 1st language.

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