3D Beach Bar 3D


Quick info:
Softwares: Maya 2013.5, Zbrush 4R5 and Photoshop CS6.
Polygon Count:
Time: 3 weeks.
Every model has a diffuse map and a normal map. All are 1k resolution.
Please scroll down to see screenshots of the wireframes, textures and normal maps.
You can click on any image to open a 1920 x 1080px render.

Please select the 1080p version of the video below:

The above footage is recorded with Camtasia from a stand-alone game I made with Unity 3D. Unfortunately I had to cut the vegetation layer because it was acting strange. Also note in the footage there are no shadows and ambient occlusion from the same reason, I had to disable them because it was causing artefacts.
If you want the stand-alone game drop a line to admin[at]drix.ro and you might receive it.

Renders: click on any image to open a bigger one

Wireframes, click on the links to open images with wireframes of the models:

Wireframe 1
Wireframe 2
Wireframe 3
Wireframe 4
Wireframe 5
Wireframe 6
Wireframe 7
Wireframe 8
Wireframe 9
Wireframe 10
Wireframe 11
Wireframe 12
Wireframe 13
Wireframe 14
Wireframe 15
Wireframe 16
Wireframe 17
Wireframe 18
Wireframe 19
Wireframe 20
Wireframe 21
Wireframe 22
Wireframe 23
Wireframe 24

UVs, Textures/Diffuse maps & Normal maps used in this scene(note I would’ve made less textures but I didn’t care about the number of textures for this project):

All uvs, textures and normal maps from the 3D Beach Bar scene

Here’s a Facebook cover if you liked this scene:

Facebook Cover Beach Bar Shore

Update from 2013:

Drix 2012.