Thursday 01 March, 2012



Yay! Miss Spring is back with her healing powers to revive everyone. The migrating birds are returning to their well known places, the dogs are starting to get out from the shelter to feel the sunrays, gooses are swimming in the melting snow, the trees are switching clothes…

Hello World! Gotta love the spring, this winter was very harsh and we could only wait and dream of the spring to come faster with her powers.
This winter was insane , I was lucky to not be in a place where the snow covered the houses completely but nonetheless I had massive piles of snow reaching half of the house. Everyday I was shoveling for a good amount of hours, it was crazy. Roads blocked, internet dead, and I had exams I had to attend to, job interviews and so on right in the middle of the winter. I had to slow down everything, including working on scenes, I couldn’t do it anymore, the winter got me. I ain’t gonna lie but it’s all good now, It’s March 1st, the snow is starting to melt, the temperature is going up everyday, my hibernation mode is starting to shut off and maybe if nothing will interfere I can resume my 3D projects.
So good times maybe coming soon, new perspectives and all that.

For this iPost I did a scene, modeled, textured, lights and rendered in Maya 2012, textures and post work was done in Photoshop Cs5. Hope you like it, I wanted to create a scene that related to the spring, the central element, the cup, white blooming and empty symbolizing the purity that the spring brings, the red poppies on the cup that starts appearing in the spring, snowdrops are overrated lol, the trinkets that in Romania on March 1st mens offer to women, the backdrop bush that flowers in the spring, I don’t know why I’m describing all the image, you should figure this out but anyway enough shenanigans, have a great spring from me and hope to walk with you again soon.


Vaduva Iulian 2012.

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