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I will make this article a bit longer to clarify some loose ends regarding this site. Who said tying knots are easy he should try to tie them in 3D. lol Hit the more button or keep reading…

What’s going on?
I’m pretty chill at this hour but I decided I will do this post and crash in the bed after.
Yesterday happened to finally throw a 301 redirect to the beta site and I requested some opinions about the site. Close friends.
I could’ve read FAIL on their faces but things are more complex then they may seen at the first glance, right? Riiiiight…

This site isn’t a community site, this site isn’t a BLOG, this site has nothing commercial in it, I’m not making huge SEO plans, I don’t want 200 users nor 2000 users online at the same time. They don’t have what to do here. It’s a site that you can visit once or twice per month to see some updates if your interested in my work or once a week if you wanna read my blogs to browse around. Simple as that. I’m not a company with people around me that produces entertainment content.

There were 2 reason that determined me to start the site, one was to get motivated to work more and the second one was to have a portfolio to show to studios. That’s it.

About the site layout and his basic form, I’m not a kid anymore, I want my works to inspire more sobriety and realism, I don’t want to create anymore sci-fi designs that people need 10 minutes at least to figure out what it is, where are the menus, where is the content and how to access it, I don’t want a PANDORA site. You know.

I just want a shelf where I can preserve my works in a fashioned way, I don’t want a spaceship for which you need a manual to keep my works on.

My blog is not really a blog, it’s not a blog platform like wordpress, it’s a simple php script with sql, some people do blogs, some peeps do vlogs(video logs), well I do ILogs or IBlogs(Image logs/blogs). I spend more time on making an image that express what I want and I acompany the image with a few lines.

So that being ‘tied’ Im’a go now, thanks everybody for the feedback, use the contact page if you wanna send me YOUR feedback.

Vaduva Iulian.

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