Sunday 04 September, 2011



For the header of this post I used Maya 2012, Photoshop and CrazyBump. For the interior of the clock I used a texture and a normal map. Looks kinda crazy because of my glass shader, acted crazy for some reason. DOF lens was used too, of course.

Time is just another pattern in the Universe that keeps repeating and rewriting itself.
What pisses me off ATM(at this moment) in time is that it’s getting harder and harder to keep a daily routine.
Most of the people claims that a routine is bad, I reckon they are referencing another type of routine, the relation routine, cause a normal life routine means Stability and everybody wants that, I hope!
Turning my head back to this iPost, as you can see from the image, over there, my calendar is filled everyday with a mood. This is good, it is a routine in it’s way, It is what it is and I gotta take it.
If things were to change I don’t know if I could take it. I would have to take my time and learn how to do it.
But things seems to get darker and darker for the moment.
I know the time can’t live in a black hole. I will make my own black hole.
I just hope I will have spare batteries for my dead lantern.

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Vaduva Iulian 2011.

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