Thursday 25 August, 2011



The header for this post was done in Maya 2012, rendered with mental ray with a dof lens. Some post work was done in Photoshop. Took 1 hour. Click the MORE button for the full post.

What’s up my peeps?
Today I decided to talk about the things that keeps me down. It might apply to you too.
Last night I wanted to talk about another funny topic, mixing up food with some real life scenarios but this morning I decided I will speak about being tied down.
I want to create, I want to entertain but something is blocking me.
I feel that my works are never finished, I don’t create as much as I want, I’m not inspired as much as I want, I’m not happy as much needed to create some good works of art.
I wonder what is holding me, it is the country, the people around me are to blame or I don’t get too much outside.
I dunno what should I change.
Maybe I’m not motivated enough.
I don’t know how to motivate myself.
The feelings are too deep ATM. I will stop posting.
I don’t want to sound like a lunatic.
Enjoy the header.

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