Friday 25 November, 2011



I was planing this summer some scenes for this iLog lost section of mine, but like everything in life, things does not work the way you would preffer to. No worries, let’s rant more about things that deserves to be debated. So let’s start again, I planned some scenes this autumn…

^^ …but something strange happened, the season practically was either invisible, either has been defeated by some stupid winds that decided to come and ruin a perfect inspiring season.
Oh well, the winter has installed itself in an abusive way, like Microsoft did with Windows7 and HP laptops and others…

Anyways… that’s that.

On the other note, I like the road and the people on Romania is heading. They be firing people like crazy.
Before I had a portfolio companies/peeps they be like:

“-Ohh.. no folio, no reel, I’m not gonna answer you anymore! Buuuh!”

After this site was born and with it my folio now they be like:

“-Ohh.. folio, ok, Im’a look at it for 30 seconds and don’t care about it, I want a sample, choose something from what I need to be done and work for nothing and we’ll pick it up from there.”

Because I’m naive I do some researches, study, think about it, come with the concepts and the sample, show it to some friends to get some feedback and present it to them and they be like:

“-Ohh… ok, it’s nice, but I never did anything in my life but I’m starting to come with theories and random stupid critiques that are waaaaaaay outdated!”

And then again I find the real reason:

“-Ohh.. yes, I actually have 30-40 designers that I’m using that I’ve picked up from different places over the internet and they are all working for me for nothing and I’m just waiting for all of them to finish and choose the best one and then go from there.”

WOW, really, it’s sad when this happenes and I had like 6 experiences like I mentioned and I’m done, I’m really done searching 2 days jobs over the big old internet, if I had access to a worldwide tv station through which I can advice all of the guys that were doing like me, getting from different forums short jobs, I would’ve told them to stop doing it, these type of people that are literally using peeps like slaves and then choose the best one, really doesn’t deserve to live.

Of course I met some great people that I worked and everything gone great but the parity is way off.

Anyways, that was my rant and we love in a really upside-down world.

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Vaduva Iulian 2011.

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