Monday 17 October, 2011



Finally I have some free time for myself and I can plan some more random 3D scenes but in return I only got a cold that keeps blocking me from my creative process but hope was the last to leave me when I started a new project and now I must share some feelings I faced…

So yesterday I decide to start a new 3D scene, I was pretty sure that for 2 weeks I can last without 3D and post some 2D works but… meh…

I got a cold and some stupid random rash that I can’t stand, but I managed to do a scene from start to finish.
That’s what I wanted to write about, working on this site for the past months I had to do random jobs like cleaning the scenes I did in the past, improve them a bit, do some texturing and render setups or lights, but I forgot how intense working on a full scene is. When I started modeling it was ok but after 10 minutes I forgot about anything else, I forgot about my cold, about eating, everything else was non-existing, it was like I wasn’t myself for some reason.
After a I finished the scene I felt like I was an tv unplugged from the power source.
These feelings aren’t new to me but they aren’t old so I keep getting them and feel weird. I didn’t decided if these feelings are bad or good or just random.
I reckon some day I will find out!

‘Till then, lots of love, lots of respect,
Signing out,
Vaduva Iulian 2011.

PS. Link to the scene I was mentioning:
Obscure Room

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