Sunday 28 August, 2011



We got polygons, we got subds, we got nurbs, we got textures, we got normal maps, we got depth of field, we have lights, we have photons, GI, Final Gather and of course Maya 2012 and Mental Ray! MORE!


^^ up there I was talking about the header for this IPost(Image post) as I explained in my last post where I tied some loose ‘ends’.

The image speaks for herself, the scene is set in a dark, cold enviroment and in the middle of it, an non-important dupe bent matter, is lost and blind folded.

Only one artificial light keeps feeding his halo, keeping him bright, guiding him and restrains him where it needs to be, on that simple path that every matter is bound to have.
But for how long the light will accompany the matter?
It’s artificial, every object forged by a human has to die at some point in time.
When will I snap?!

Vaduva Iulian.

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