Monday 10 October, 2011



What’s up peeps? Today I want to rant about a tool that I despite from the bottom of my ‘Maya’ and I just hope I will never have to encounter this tool ever again, of course that’s not possible but recreating it in 3D made things lighter from my point of view. Wheww…

There’s always something that delays me from posting and working on my portfolio. I had this scene done for 2 days and I didn’t had time to render it and post it. The scene was rushed due to the lack of time in my hands.
The scene was a nightmare from the lighting perspective, for some reason, I didn’t had time to troubleshoot the scene, the blues were standing out too much and ruining my shot and I had to get my hands dirty in photoshop.
The render time was around 15 to 20 minutes.
The number of polygons were 2400.
Normal maps and uv’s work were done too.
The cheap light beam was done in post in Photoshop.

Now back to my rant.
If my plans were to get away for a few weeks from 3D to refresh my system, the plans were ruined by my mom.
After her arrival from England(if you were following me on twitter you would knew) she decided to renovate the house. That means more phisical work for Drix.

I used rollers before but I had forgoten what a pain was to paint the walls. I had 7-8 walls to re-paint. Lemme tell you, I will have nightmares with rollers from now on.
I’m glad that I got rid of the rollers and I’m hoping I will never meet with a roller again.
Now I have to get back to more work, I can’t wait for the winter to come so the amount of phisical work will diminish and that means more work on my folio.

Cheers ‘and as always, HAVE A NICE DAY’!

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Vaduva Iulian 2011.

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