Monday 12 September, 2011



This project was done in a few hours in Maya 2012. For the fog I used Maya fluids. Click the READ MORE button.

I feel trapped in my own country, I feel trapped in my own home.

There’s nowhere to go, nothing left to do.

The society is evolving in a very weird way, I wonder if this morph that I’m witnessing today can be called a form of evolving, or it’s just a mental war, it’s every man for himself, even the leaders of the countries I see are interested just for themselvs.

Selfish acts became our first weapon and we attack with it every human being.
Ignorance is driving us today.
In big cities if a car happens to hit you people would walk right near you, they won’t stop and call an ambulance.

How did we get here.

I’m just trapped, my mind is trapped, everything it’s foggy.

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Vaduva Iulian.
Drix 2011.

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