Wednesday 14 September, 2011



Maya 2012 with mental ray of course. Click READ MORE if you wanna see what I hide in my drawer.

^^ Nah, I won’t turn the picture frame around. Tisc tisc.

Anyways I won’t even stress this but today I decided to share a fact, because it’s a fact alright.
Now I’m talking directly to new generations out there, the generations that uses hi5, facebook, google+ and so on.
Doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or gal, I know you have hidden ‘content in your hard drive, something, somewhere, where nobody would ever found that folder with the pictures of the guy/gal you’re inlove. Haha. I knew it.
The HDD is our new hiding drawer.
Thank god for the social networks, ey?!
On the serious side, it’s true that having pics with someone of the opposite sex hidden, without them approving it’s kinda creepy and… a rash word, stalking???… but who cares man, that’s what makes it so great, no one knows, if you’re stealing and no one knows, not even the store from where you stolen the good, that’s like never happened. LOL.
Ok, I’ll stop ‘nao’ but yeah, I just wanted you to know that you’re not the only one that keeps stuff on da low key. I’ll admit it, I am too, like dayumm, I have ‘dem’ like stacks on decks, signed, sealed and ready to be… hidden. Haha.
Joke on the side, enjoy you’re pics man, our ‘elders’ didn’t had this great hiding stuff opportunity.

Just sayin’.

Vaduva Iulian 2011

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