Tuesday 23 August, 2011



How you doin’? Walk with me for the first time on this autumn road, surrounded by the rusty trees and blooms, we walk and talk.
It’s time for my first post on my site. I’m waiting new hopes, new challenges, new people.
Working to the site for a couple of weeks kinda got to me, I need some days to get myself together but I promise I will stop working on coding for a few months.

I want to work strictly on the blog and folio area, I must add content.
Of course I have another challenge, I need to sleep on it for some hours and come with some good section to the blog and the folio sections.
I’m taking my time, I don’t want to rush things but I have to make the site rolling so… for the moment the folio will suck, I’m aware of that.
But I promise for now on I will work more cleanly. I will wear gloves.

Today was a hard day, I had to config the script for the server and fix the bugs I had. I tested the script locally, with XAMPP and things were ok, but on the server, things got out of controll for a few hours.

I’m glad I had the cereals to keep me company, but now they are finished and sadly the writing time is coming to an end. Like all in life.

I’m so tired right now, I just want to crash on a bed and just lay there, listen some show on the background so I can’t hear my thoughts.
You know what, I’m just going to do that.
Talk to you soon. Enjoy the banner, it was done in Maya and some photoshop.

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