Wednesday 24 August, 2011



My point of view this morning, at around 10 am. Yeah I know about the header for this post, bad lighting, bad textures, bad render, but I was in a hurry and today was so hot, click MORE!

What’s up guys and girls, today was another day that passed, as stated above I decided to choose random a point of view from today, and I chosen 10 am.
I had to send mom, in another country some paperworks, ‘par avion’.
Funny thing happen at the postal office, I said I want to send some paper by AIR MAIL, and the womens over there stared at me like what the hell is this guy talking about, untill I said I want to send ‘PAR AVION’ and everything came to normal.
I found it very funny.
That’s about wrap this post up, the above header was made in MAYA 2012, rendered with Mental ray and cleaned in Photoshop.
Have a good day!

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