Done in After Effects in 2 days, a friend of mine asked me if I can help him with a video related to fitness so I said YES! I offered volunteer and I had to ask another friend to give me his old camera and we filmed for a couple of hours near my city at some ruins.
Besides directing, editing and motion graphics I had to do the audio part too. I don’t have audio experience and I think it’s obvious on the video but… dunno, I had some good feedback, maybe I was lucky. :)

For this project I had to do a bunch of motion tracking for 15 clips to stabilize the shots which were very shaky, a lot of cutting and merging, transitions at almost every changing angle, some motion graphics with text to transmit the needed messages. Of course I had to add some lens flares. :D
Pretty dissapointed for the lack of HD, I wanted to do a lot more than this. :(

Drix 2012.