Ok, so the project was done in Photoshop CS5, including the presentation, it was simply a freebie I did for a friend of mine so I didn’t put too much work into it, obviously, for the interior I spent even less time and effort into it.
I can’t afford to put the original files because of the limited space I have on my server but I’ll throw some downscaled versions of it.

Click here to open the exterior of the brochure

Click here to open the interior of the brochure

PRO-TIP: ^^ after the image loads hit the ‘Expand the image button’ located in top right of the image!

Direct Link to the exterior of the brochure

Direct Link to the interior of the brochure

Now I’m sad, I did in high-school tons of brochure but I lost the sources of the brochures. :(
I changed my lappy and all the sources were in the dead laptop that now it’s lost on a random junkyard.

ps. needless to say they don’t have an identity(eg. logo). They didn’t requested one so I didn’t do one of course.

Drix 2011.