Today I decided to put to work my knowledges of stereoscopic 3D effects.
Of course I had many option to achieve the 3D depth effect but I chosen Anaglyph Red-Cyan because it’s my single possibility to view it as I only have some old, almost teared Red-Cyan paper glasses.
The wiggle stereograms are somewhat limited in providing a binocular depth effect so I don’t stress with it.

I had some problems because I used a lot of little pieces and the anaglyph failed on 2 pieces but… meh… who cares, it’s not used for production so I didn’t fixed it in post.

The render time was around 20 minutes.

The scene was done in Maya 2012 and rendered with Mental Ray.
The ’3D’ Anaglyph effect was achieved using the stereo cameras inside Maya.

Guys, lots of love, lots of respect,
Drix 2011.