UPDATE: The wallpaper is at the bottom of the page!
Warning: It works only on 1280 x 800px resolution.

Oh gosh, I’m sick and I got a rash, I couldn’t sleep all night but the scene is ready.
I spent around 6 hours to finish the scene.

Polygon count: 8500.
Render time: forgot but I reckon around 3 to 5 minutes.

Scene modeled in Maya 2012.
Textures in Photoshop CS5.
A lot of work was done in post too, in Photoshop.

Now more close-ups:

I won’t break down the shot but I will say every spill, every colour, every particle and models are there for a reason and symbolizes something.

I made in 3 minutes a quick wallpaper for me so I decided to share it here too, why not?!
I tried to make it as close as the original render because I had to render and do post work again.

Right click and save as HERE

Lots of love, lots of respect,
Drix 2011.