I sent my CV to some DTP jobs and I decided to start again with the basics of DTP world and for that I decided to get into working with InDesign so I started this project to see if I can ‘swim’ in InDesign as I do in Photoshop very well and surprise surprise… in a few hours I picked up InDesign and I now I feel pretty familiar with it.

With that said I started to work on a booklet/brochure/A5 project.
For this I started with an 8,5 inch x 5,8 inch document with a bleed of 1,25 and I decided to work on a MODULAR GRID base and throughout the design process I used some principles like asimetrical BALANCE, EMPHASIS, RYTHM, UNITY and CONTRAST.

So without further ado:

That’s not all, my mom saw my last brochure and said she was expecting to flip the pages so I decided to create an INTERACTIVE DOCUMENT in InDesign which of course I picked up very fast and with this feature InDesign really amazed me:

Interactive booklet(use your mouse to flip the page like a magazine):

With that being said, InDesign is great for creating documents for printing or documents for online presentations and it should be under every DTP artist’s belt.
While at this moment I may not be the fastest guy working in InDesign but I predict a good future for me and InDesign.

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Drix 2012.