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So it started out as a simple concept:

Then the weapon went from some simple cubes into Zbrush for sculpting it and PolyPaint it(4.000.000 polygons):

After the sculpting process I generated the Color map, Specular map, Normal map and Displacement map and then it went into maya were a high poly model was generated and just for fun I applied the generated maps. You can use high poly models on cutscenes for a game or for a trailer, you never know when you need a high poly version(2.334 polygons):

And finally I reduced the polygon numbers alot to be used in a game as a prop or weapon(152 polygons):

Here’s the UV’s layout and the color map applied. Kind of rushed on the uv’s:

Normal map on the left and color map on the right:

Here is a full render inside a game engine:


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